Sanskar academy offers numerous programs to help our children be part of our community.

Gurukul Classes

Although our children in US grow up far away from India, we make sure they learn our culture and be part or our ever growing community. We have right program for children in grades 1 through 12.  More


We would like to introduce our students to variety of sports, especially the ones that are rarely played here in US like Lagori/Satodiyu, Standing Kho-Kho, Sakli, Rumal Chor, etc. Our goal is to provide them an opportunity to learn and play these games and have fun!  More


Yoga not only keeps us healthy but also helps us maintain physical and mental balance in everything we do in our daily lives. We will be educating the students about the benefits of yoga and introduce them to some basic asana/postures. This activity is limited to one session a year.  More